The Flâneur in Konya

Last year just before the pandemic, I took a trip to Konya, the living place of Molana Rumi, the thirteen century Persian poet. I wrote an essay about the trip that is now published in Michigan Quarterly Review. Come join me on this trip and enjoy the walk in the streets of Konya.
You can read the essay here:

The Flâneur in Konya

Somedays are peaceful like today. I come home from the stressful night work at the NICU, I sleep a couple of hours, and spend the afternoon in my study, with a glass of cardamom tea and my books. Nothing can soothe me more than reading these years. The sheer joy of immersing myself in the nirvana of the written world, soaring, transcending.

At twenty thousand words

I am roughly at 20,000 words of my new novel. Such a grand feeling to see I’ve knitted this story of love and loss so far, and so much more to come. I am mesmerized by this story. It takes me away from the hard life I have as a NICU doctor, a mysterious journey to the times and places I can only dream to be.

Isn’t writing the vessel that takes us to the paradise we’ve lost?